How can Scaffolding Help You Avoid the Risks of Working at Heights?

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Working at heights is a common phenomenon for workers employed in the construction industry. However, when workers use unsafe structures such as ladders to access those heights, serious accidents resulting from sudden falls can occur. Scaffolding was invented to keep those workers as safe as possible.

Using scaffolds that conform to safety regulations and guidelines and are inspected by certified auditors helps reduce the risk of falling. To ensure the complete safety of your construction workers, contact professional companies for high-quality scaffolding in Brighton. To find out more about the relation between safe scaffolds and the safety of workers, read on.

Why are Scaffolds Safe for Construction Workers?

Safe scaffolds are generally constructed as per the regulations of the construction industry. Working at heights can be dangerous, and variable weather conditions may make the workers lose their balance. For this reason, temporary supportive structures are often not enough for complete safety.

With scaffolding, you can get a reliable and safe platform under your feet where you can stand and work effectively without any problem or risk of falling. The scaffold constructions are generally monitored by trained and experienced inspectors and supervisors who will make sure all safety standards are met.

Using Scaffolds means Less Accidents

Using scaffolds for the construction work gives more confidence to the workers. They can work freely without the fear of falling from the scaffolds. Moreover, the risk of death by accident reduces to a large extent.

Using Scaffolds Ensure Fast Completion of Work

Using scaffolds ensures efficiency within the working crews. The confidence and the motivation among the workers help them complete the job faster and within the designated schedule. Moreover, scaffolding platforms allow the workers to work even if the weather conditions are not favourable. Thus the productivity of the workers increases, and the construction projects are completed on time.

Using Scaffolds means Fewer Risks

Using scaffolds means the degree of risk is less. The accidents are minimised, and more workers readily become interested in working in the construction industry.

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Five Types of Scaffolding and Their Uses

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Scaffoldings are temporary working structures that allow construction workers to work safely at heights. They are commonly used during construction, renovation, painting, cleaning, and repairing commercial and residential buildings. Scaffolding allows workers easy access to every part of the building, even those at great heights.

When you approach a company for scaffolding in Horsham, they will present you with several options for scaffolds. Your choice will depend on the nature and requirements of your construction project.

Scaffolding must be constructed using the best quality materials to ensure they are durable. Wood or metal are the two most favourable material choices used for scaffold construction.

Common Types of Scaffolds and their Uses

Cantilever Scaffolds

When the ground does not have sufficient capacity to support the metal scaffold structure, construction workers generally use cantilever scaffolds. In this case, the ground near the walls is free from the scaffold structure and can easily be used for other purposes. Unlike conventional scaffolds, using cantilever scaffolds helps the construction workers easily access the upper parts of the building.

Double Scaffolds

When workers are working on stone masonry buildings, the construction of scaffolds can be difficult. In this case, they will typically use double scaffolds, which involve double rows, rakers and cross braces. These provide sufficient support to the structure.

Steel Scaffolds

For those looking to use a single scaffold structure, steel scaffolds are the way to go, as they can be dismantled easily. They are very durable and much more fire-resistant than other scaffolding materials, making them a safe, popular choice.

Trestle Scaffolds

In this type of scaffolding, a ladder is placed on top of a platform. The size of the trestle scaffolds generally varies depending on the project itself. Generally, you’ll find trestle scaffolds being used by workers to repair buildings, maintain buildings, and paint buildings.

Suspended Scaffolds

This type of scaffolding platform is structured with the help of wires and chains. You can automatically raise or lower the platform since it is powered by electricity. You’ll notice building painters and window cleaners of commercial buildings using this scaffold as a support system.

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What are the Major Risks that Workers Face While Working at Heights?

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Working at height is one of the riskiest professions. Construction workers are generally required to work at heights regardless of harsh weather conditions, which can result in injury or occasionally even death. Nowadays, construction companies take on different initiatives to avoid workplace hazards and risks. Workers are given safety instructions to work at heights and use safety gear while working, which has greatly reduced the number of accidents.

A stable working platform is a necessity for those working at height. Scaffolds give workers a stable platform on which to work without risk of falling However, it is essential to perform a thorough analysis of the structure before the workers start using the scaffold.

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Here’s a list of potential hazards that can occur when you attempt to work at height without scaffolding.


Four Major Problems that Might Occur in the Absence of Scaffolds


Accidents due to Harsh Weather Conditions

Weather is one of the main dangers associated with construction. The working process might become difficult and risky if the weather is adverse. Generally, construction workers are trained to work in heavy rain, snow and continuous icy conditions. However, workers may start feeling dizzy or suffer from heatstroke while working under scorching sun rays. Scaffold support will allow them to rest if they feel unwell.

Damage to Equipment

It’s not only the workers who are at risk; equipment may also get damaged if dropped from a great height. Scaffolding will help workers avoid this problem as there will be a stable platform to store equipment.

Fall Risk

There is always the possibility that those working at height could fall at any given moment, which could be catastrophic or even deadly. To keep workers and PPE kits secure, you must use a professionally built scaffolding structure.

Unstable Working Platform

In the absence of scaffoldings, there’s generally no stable platform available to the construction workers working on the roof or upper storeys of a building. Hiring a professional scaffolding company will help you get the highest quality, safest scaffolds for your construction workers.

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How to Ensure Scaffolding Safety During Spring and Summer

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As seasons change, safety requirements on construction sites also shift. Your scaffolding needs will likely change during the autumn and winter due to windy weather, snowfall, and the darker atmosphere. Regardless of the season, you must take proper care of the scaffolds to ensure the safety of construction workers. Although visibility is clear during summers and spring seasons, there is always a chance of the platforms overheating, which might give rise to several hazards. Hence, every construction site worker is required to follow mandatory safety tips. For scaffolding in Guildford, it’s important to hire professional scaffolding companies that comply with safety regulations.

Three Common Problems That Could Crop Up On Scaffolds During Summer and Spring


Chance of Sunburn and Heatstroke

Long exposure to the sun during the hot, scorching summers can dehydrate construction workers and cause severe sunburn. Thus, special covers should be erected over the scaffolds to ensure that the workers are safe and protected from direct sun rays. Moreover, every worker working during summer must keep water bottles handy and stay in the shade as much as possible to avoid health problems.

Chance of Heat Explosions

Continuous heat on scaffolds can put pressure on the metal. This could cause unwanted explosions, thereby putting the life of the workers at risk. Therefore, when the workers are not working on the scaffolds, it’s crucial to cover the structure with sheets to keep the metal cool.

Poor Air Quality

Construction sites’ air quality generally becomes poor during summer and spring, as the sand and pollen levels in the air around the sites increase. Poor air quality can have adverse effects on the health of construction workers. Thus, different masks and protective gear must be available during the summers and the spring seasons for those working on scaffolds.

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Choose A Reputed Company To Avoid The Common Scaffold Hazards

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Safety is very important when working at a construction site. It is one of the primary reasons why the demand for sturdy scaffolds is always high. High-quality scaffolds act as a secure workplace for construction workers who have to work at heights while constructing or renovating a building. The right structure can offer support to the workers and even help ensure the safety of pedestrians and the public.

At every construction site, it is the builder’s responsibility to ensure the structure doesn’t compromise the safety of the installer or construction workers. To guarantee the safety of your scaffolding in Worthing, you must understand the common scaffold hazards and how to prevent them.

Four Common Hazards You Should Be Aware Of When Using Scaffolds


  • Weak Planking

Unsecured planking is very dangerous and is the primary cause of scaffold-related incidents. The planks should be secured enough not to slip so the worker doesn’t fall. Planks can also break due to overloading. It is the responsibility of the scaffolding company to inspect the planks thoroughly and frequently, using good grades lumber when constructing them. You should also avoid excessive overhang and short planks.

  • Electrocution

Construction workers often come into contact with electricity as electrical lines are generally elevated. Workers can ensure their safety by maintaining a safe distance from power lines and following safety standards when using the scaffold. The electrical voltage of the electrical lines near the construction site should also be measured. If it is less than 50 kilovolts, workers should maintain a distance of around 10 feet. If the voltage is higher, the distance between the power lines and the scaffold should be increased.

  • Falling Debris Or Tools

Falling debris can also lead to scaffold-related injuries. You can prevent tools and debris from falling by using guardrails. They are considered one of the most integral components of scaffolding construction. Not only do they keep the construction workers protected, but they also prevent materials from falling off the structure and hitting the people below.

  • Falling From The Structure

Falling from an elevated height is also a common scaffold hazard. You can prevent construction workers from falling by using proper fall protection as suggested by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). If the scaffold has been suspended 10 feet over the ground, you must install proper fall protection. A guardrail system and personal fall arrest system should be in use at all times.

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3 Scaffolding Safety Tips for Construction Sites

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A scaffold is a common feature of every construction site. It is a temporary structure or platform built to support construction workers and allow them access to the building parts. The scaffolding system provides a safe and stable working platform for the construction workers. However, this is a temporary structure, and the design depends on the construction site manager.

Although the purpose of a scaffold is to provide a safe platform for workers, many workers suffer injuries in scaffolding-related incidents that sometimes prove fatal. For this reason, hiring professional scaffolding in Haslemere is essential to eliminate risks or hazards from the project.

Read on to know more about the safety tips you must follow during scaffolding.

How to Make Construction Site Scaffolding Techniques Safe?

Sufficient Training for the Workers

If you want your workers to be safe, train them to erect, move, dismantle and maintain scaffolds properly. An incompetent worker might end up hurting themselves and also damaging the scaffold. Trained workers will also look out for any risky science while working on the scaffold. They will be aware of the load ratings and bring fall protection equipment to the construction sites.

Follow All Instructions

Appoint a professional scaffold manager to keep the scaffold construction safe. It’s not uncommon for workers to stop following instructions after becoming familiar with scaffolds, which can lead to them making mistakes. For instance, workers are not supposed to interchange components from different manufacturers when repairing scaffolds. Although scaffolds might look simple, they are complex engineering structures and need to be handled by professionals.

Check the Scaffold Erection

If you want to have complete peace of mind, hire a professional to check the direction, alteration and dismantling of the scaffold. It’s best not to try a DIY method to erect a cab scaffold, as it might be dangerous for the workers. Experienced cap holders build scaffolds based on the height of the building. It is necessary to inspect and re-inspect the erection of the scaffold from time to time.

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Factors Affecting the Success of Scaffolding in Arundel

Scaffolding in Arundel

To complete a large-scale construction project within the deadline is a complicated, stressful and problematic task. There are numerous hurdles down the line that you might have to face. Most building construction projects require workers to work at heights throughout the day, where accidents and sudden falls are likely to happen.

To ensure the safety of the workers, scaffolding services are undertaken. Before starting a construction project, make sure you make professional Scaffolding in Arundel. These systems are widely used for mechanical, production, civil and electrical works.

Not all scaffolding services are impactful. Read on to know the three significant factors that make a scaffolding service successful and ensure the safety of the laborers working on the scaffolds.

Three Factors Responsible for The Success of Scaffolding Services

Design of the Scaffold

When the scaffolds are constructed at the height of 20m or above, suitable design implementation must ensure that the scaffolds are safe to work upon. Hire a structural engineer to check the design of the system. The engineer will check the design, and depending on the type of construction work; they will help you with the scaffold design that suits the purpose. The choice of the design depends on the type of construction work that is being carried on.

Load Bearing Capacity

The purpose of scaffolds is to handle the load of the laborers along with the tools at specific heights. To make the scaffolding service successful, you must check the load-bearing capacity that the scaffold can withstand. The load can be applied either through the vertical or the horizontal axis. It would help if you considered the load of all the people standing on the scaffold to ensure no risk.

Proper Scaffold Execution

All scaffolds are vulnerable structures. Therefore, hire an inspection agent at the construction site to ensure that the scaffolds are executed with utmost care and precaution. A competent person will effectively look into the safe erection, modification, and dismantling of the scaffolds.


Scaffolding in Sussex, Safety Inspection – Things to Keep in Mind

Scaffolding in Sussex

Scaffolds are used to provide a safe platform for construction workers working at great heights. However, you must ensure that the stand has been appropriately erected, maintaining all the safety points. To ensure that the purpose of the scaffolds is served, make sure that you properly erect, use and dismantle the scaffold without causing any damage to any human life.

Hire professionals for Scaffolding in Sussex. They have professional experts who can inspect the scaffolds at the job site before being constructed. It’s essential to examine the scaffolds daily, especially in the morning, if the scaffold remains constructed throughout the night.

Scaffold inspections involve thoroughly checking the scaffolds for any sign of tampering on the same. Remember, the purpose of using scaffolds is to inculcate a sense of safety among the construction workers.

Tips for the Scaffolding Inspection Process

During a professional scaffolding inspection, make sure that you keep the following points in mind.

  • Hire a competent person for the inspection purpose who can check the conditions and produce an effective report that can be used effectively.
  • Check the parts, hinges and the complete process of the scaffold construction to confirm that all the engineering guidelines have been adhered to.
  • They ensure that the base plates and the sills are placed rightly, and the exact sizes of the same have been used.
  • They ensure that protective safety methods like guardrails and toeboards have been placed everywhere in the scaffold to ensure that construction workers can safely use them.
  • Confirm that the ladders and the stairs have been fastened and tied up securely so that the laborer might not stand a chance of falling.
  • Check whether all the scaffold components are correctly installed and in acceptable working conditions.
  • Checking the distance where the scaffold has been installed. The minimum distance should be maintained from the power lines to maintain safety.

Apart from the inspections, keep a professional agent around the construction site to keep an eye on the scaffold throughout the process. Moreover, the workers must be aware all the time. They must wear protective gear in case any accident occurs in the scaffold. These gears will help them avoid any injury. Also, ensure that the materials and tools kept on the scaffold are kept in an organised manner to prevent any accidental damage.

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