Scaffolding in Guildford

As seasons change, safety requirements on construction sites also shift. Your scaffolding needs will likely change during the autumn and winter due to windy weather, snowfall, and the darker atmosphere. Regardless of the season, you must take proper care of the scaffolds to ensure the safety of construction workers. Although visibility is clear during summers and spring seasons, there is always a chance of the platforms overheating, which might give rise to several hazards. Hence, every construction site worker is required to follow mandatory safety tips. For scaffolding in Guildford, it’s important to hire professional scaffolding companies that comply with safety regulations.

Three Common Problems That Could Crop Up On Scaffolds During Summer and Spring


Chance of Sunburn and Heatstroke

Long exposure to the sun during the hot, scorching summers can dehydrate construction workers and cause severe sunburn. Thus, special covers should be erected over the scaffolds to ensure that the workers are safe and protected from direct sun rays. Moreover, every worker working during summer must keep water bottles handy and stay in the shade as much as possible to avoid health problems.

Chance of Heat Explosions

Continuous heat on scaffolds can put pressure on the metal. This could cause unwanted explosions, thereby putting the life of the workers at risk. Therefore, when the workers are not working on the scaffolds, it’s crucial to cover the structure with sheets to keep the metal cool.

Poor Air Quality

Construction sites’ air quality generally becomes poor during summer and spring, as the sand and pollen levels in the air around the sites increase. Poor air quality can have adverse effects on the health of construction workers. Thus, different masks and protective gear must be available during the summers and the spring seasons for those working on scaffolds.

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