Scaffolding in Petworth

Temporary Roof Scaffolding in Petworth

One of the most important things to have during construction projects is a temporary roof. This will allow your workers and tools to be protected from unpredictable weather. Petworth residents should consider installing a temporary roof if they’re working on any construction projects, as it will enable your workers to continue no matter the weather! We offer a wide range of scaffolding for any project you might be planning. With our high-quality temporary roofs, you can get your work done on time with minimal setbacks!

Independent Scaffolding in Petworth

For any smaller projects, such as painting, decorating or cladding, it is usually advisable to use independent scaffolding. This scaffolding uses an inner row of standards as internal support and stands separate but as close as possible to the main building. It is tied to the main building at regular intervals for extra support. The rows of standards are joined by ledgers, which support the transverse transoms. This type of scaffolding can be used in commercial, domestic and industrial projects.

Birdcage Scaffolding in Petworth

Many different heights need to be reached when working on a construction site. This can be challenging for employees who work at ground level with no platforms or scaffolds available. However, birdcage scaffolding may just solve all your problems! Birdcage scaffolding in Petworth offers an alternative solution by providing safe access points, so workers are able to get the job done quickly and safely.

Roof Access and Edge Protection Scaffolding in Petworth

The risk of injury from falling is always prevalent when working at height. Thankfully, scaffolding has been created to protect construction workers against any harm caused by this danger. Sussex Scaffolding offers edge protection scaffolding in Petworth for anyone conducting building projects, whether commercial or residential. Do you want to do your job quickly and efficiently? Our team of experts will hook up a safe roof access system for any size project. We ensure that the construction site remains secure while ensuring it runs smoothly from start to finish!

Why Choose Us?

The team at Sussex Scaffolding is a group of highly trained professionals with more than enough experience and knowledge in the field. We offer residents of Petworth scaffolds for any project, from independent scaffolding to system staircase type ladders, depending on what best suits your needs! In addition, we provide temporary roofs or loading bays, so you won’t have to deal with any obstructions during construction time. We also offer edge protection and handrails made specifically to suit each building’s design requirements.
Whilst we are a relatively new company, our talented team have no shortage of experience and knowledge in the field of scaffolding. In order to maintain safe access to your project, we can also provide system staircase scaffolds. Our goal is simple: we want to keep you and your workers safe when it comes to construction. If there’s anything more you’d like to know about what services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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